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    February is Dental Month!
    25% off Dental Cleanings for the month of February.
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    Philema Animal Clinic opened in the early 90's and our business has continued to grow since. We have been providing small animal services since 2012, and always welcome new clients.
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    We always welcome new small and large animal clients. We are able to see some exotic and wildlife patients. We also provide ambulatory service for our large animal clients.
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    Distemper Alert
    Learn more about our "yearly" vaccination combination shots!
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Small Animal Medicine & Surgery We offer numerous in-house small animal services. +

Small Animal

Medicine & Surgery

Large Animal Medicine & Surgery We provide emergency services for large animals. +

Large Animal

Medicine & Surgery

Boarding & Bathing Every boarded pet receives time to play outside. +


& Bathing

Grooming Services We offer professional grooming by appointment only. +

Grooming Services

on Fridays

Distemper Alert

As many have seen in the news lately, the deadly virus called distemper is making a comeback to our pets.

In Albany, we have seen several cases in wildlife and our domestic pets as well. The virus causes weakness, high fevers, respiratory disease and fatal neurological disease. The disease is highly contagious, but also preventable through vaccination.

Our "yearly" vaccination combination shot has this in it, but if your pet is overdue or not vaccinated at all, please let us know. Please give us a call to discuss protecting your furry friends against distemper. 

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